save power consumption through effective maintenance

save power consumption through effective maintenance

save power consumption through effective maintenance

Air compressor life cycle cost is associated with Energy cost which is very significant in the overall life span of air compressors. Here are the air compressor experts tips to save power consumption through effective maintenance


    • It's very important to check and ensure no air leaks compressor side and distribution side. As e know every bar of air leaks is equal to 6~7% of power consumption, which contributes to overall power consumption. Do periodic check with help of Air compressor expert


    • It is mandatory to ensure the quality of air at the suction side of the air compressor where prefilter and air filter play a major role. So, it is required to check the condition of them and clean as required. The filters are to be replaced as per recommended change interval failing which results in drawing more power at suction due to clogged filters at suction.


    • Oil/lubricant is playing a very key role in air compressor systems. Quality of oil ensures better performance and efficiency of the compressor. It also prevents screw elements from seizure and drawing more power consumption. It is highly recommended to check the oil level and condition periodically and change as per the air compressor expert’s recommendations.


    • Control line valves are involved directly in compressor's operations and these valves are put into continuous duty where it is required to check and change the valve kits as per recommended interval. Because sometimes valve malfunction may not be visible, but there will be power loss silently which contributes a high level of power consumption over the period of time


    • When we have a fleet of compressors more than one, then utilization of different compressors as per required air demand is very important. Sometimes if incase of misuse or use of wrong settings in the controller, then there will be unnecessary power consumption which may not be visible or known explicitly to us. Take air compressor expert help to utilize the compressors in an effective way


    • Preventive maintenance of air compressor is the most important which includes cleaning of entire systems, general check-up, electrical checkup, re-greasing motor, element condition through SPM check, cooler cleaning, etc., to prevent unnecessary power loss.

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